Dividends4Life: High-Dividend Stock Yields 10%, Pays Monthly, Below Book Value

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Looking for dependable monthly dividend income to balance out your cash flow? This stock yields 9.62%. It has paid monthly distributions since 2006. It's selling below book value, and in Q3 2016, paid down a significant amount of debt. 90% of its assets are in the 3 biggest cities in eastern Canada - Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City.

BTB Real Estate Investment Trust (OTC:BTBIF) is an unincorporated open-ended real estate trust formed and governed under the laws of the Province of Quebec pursuant to a trust agreement. BTB began its real estate operations on October 3, 2006. It owns 72 commercial, office and industrial properties in primary and secondary markets. BTB is an important real estate owner in geographical markets in Quebec and eastern Ontario. BTB is an internally managed REIT. One of the attractions of BTB for us is the fact that its operations don't have exposure to the Western Canadian energy-producing areas, which have been under pressure due to the Crude Crash, in addition to the wild fires that occurred there in the summer of 2016.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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