Dividends4Life: 3 High-Yield Dividend Stocks With Plenty Left To Give

It’s actually easy to find dividend stocks that yield more than 5%. No, really. You can go to a screener like the one at FinViz.com and actually search for dividend stocks that yield more than 5%. As of right now, about 450 stocks hit that bar. But that’s merely a list – a list that more closely resembles a minefield. Buried in that list of high-yield dividend stocks is a horde of time bombs. These are stocks that threaten your hard-earned nest egg in any number of ways. Some of these big yields are simply a result of big stock losses, which in turn are a reflection of deteriorating financials that could lead to payout cuts or suspensions in the future. In truth, there’s a very limited group of stocks that not only offer high yield, but enough assurances that the dividend will actually be around in future years. Today, I want to show you a group of three such stocks...

Each of these companies yields 5%, and importantly, they’re not stretching fiscally to make those regular distributions. Tupperware (TUP), Yield: 5.1%, doesn’t boast quite the same level of blue-chip cache as consumer dividend stalwarts such as Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) or even Sherwin-Williams (SHW), but it’s still a very well-known brand name that’s still managing to find its way in the world. And at a yield of more than 5%, it’s got at least one leg up on JNJ (2.8%) and SHW (1.2%). Iron Mountain (IRM) sits on one of technology’s hottest trends of the past few years: digital storage. Healthcare-focused REIT Ventas (VTR) plays in the baby boomer megatrend powering healthcare higher, including health-related real estate, such as assisted living facilities and medical offices.

Source: Forbes

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