Dividends4Life: Is This High-Dividend Stock Yielding 9.7% Safe?

Is This High-Dividend Stock Yielding 9.7% Safe?

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For income investors, the goal is always looking for a high-dividend stock that continues to pay a steady dividend over time. This is why it is important to understand a company before making a investment decision. If a decision is made without looking at the right aspects of a business, it could take longer to reach this goal, as well as impact your current income.

A high-dividend stock worth consideration is Enbridge Energy Partners L.P. (NYSE:EEP) stock. The company has a history of paying a steady dividend to investors. Shares of EEP stock currently trade at $23.84, which has a high yield of 9.78%. The present dividend of $0.583 is paid on a quarterly basis. Now, the question to ask is, “is this high-dividend stock safe to reach your goals?” Even though this is a high-dividend stock, Enbridge’s dividend has been increased three times since 2013. This shows investors that the company’s management team is confident enough in its operations to increase the payout.

Source: Income Investor

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