Dividends4Life: Stocks That Are Too Cheap to Sell

Stocks That Are Too Cheap to Sell

Posted by D4L | Sunday, October 23, 2011 | | 0 comments »

The market's been tottering for weeks now, caught between the ongoing euro malaise and lackluster growth and unemployment numbers in the United States. But some of the best companies around are still generating substantial wealth for investors and they're too discounted to let go. It's been long demonstrated that value stocks outperform over time. The career of superinvestor Warren Buffett and other investors from the Graham school should prove as much.

Part of Buffett's success is also due to his unwillingness to sell dominant companies that are consistently profitable and that spin cash back to him in the form of dividends. If you want to follow in his footsteps, it means holding onto strong businesses even in the face of stock market weakness and not letting the media fearmongers scare you out of your positions when the market's down.

Source: Motley Fool

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