Dividends4Life: Cheap High-Dividend Stocks for Defensive Investors

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We like high-dividend stocks because they tend to outperform the market when everything else is going down. In addition, we consider high-dividend stocks as alternatives to 10-year Treasury bonds in this current low-interest environment. We believe the recent downturn in the stock market has given defensive investors a great opportunity to add such high-yielding stocks in their portfolios.

We provide a list of 15 mega-cap U.S stocks with high dividend yields and low price-to-book ratios. The market data are sourced from Fidelity. All companies in this list have market capitalizations above $10 billion, an annualized dividend yield of at least 3%, a current P/E ratio lower than 15 and a price-to-book ratio of less than 1.5. Since the beginning of this year, these stocks returned -5.16 % vs. -3.52 % for the SPY.

Source: The Street

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