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2 Stocks That Cut You a Check Each Month

Posted by D4L | Wednesday, May 04, 2022 | | 0 comments »

Owning dividend stocks can be great, particularly if you need that income to pay your monthly bills. As any dividend stock-owning veteran can tell you, though, these stocks don't make it easy to use this way. Most of your bills are due every month, while most dividend stocks only dish out income once per quarter. Not every dividend stock does this, though. Some of these names do pay a dividend every month rather than every quarter, making them easier to use to pay recurring bills, or simply funding recurring monthly investments in other securities. Here's a look at two of the top choices from this small, select group of dividend payers.

Gladstone Capital ( GLAD 0.08% ) is categorized as a business development company, or BDC. As the name suggests, this fund (of sorts) helps companies at the lower end of the mid-sized company range grow by providing them with capital they may not otherwise be able to get their hands on. It's a piece of the U.S.'s commerce puzzle that's rarely seen, and even more rarely considered. But, as consumers, we'd all be in serious trouble without all the warehouse space and truck-loading docks that help get goods from a factory to your front door. Enter STAG Industrial ( STAG -0.70% ). This real estate investment trust, or REIT, owns a bunch of them, leasing its 108 million square feet worth of working and storage space to logistics companies like FedEx, brands like Tempur Sealy, and the U.S.'s biggest e-commerce name, Amazon. Amazon, in fact, is STAG's biggest customer/renter, although it still only accounts for about 3% of its business

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