Dividends4Life: 10% Dividend Growth In 2022, No K-1, Renewables Play

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This company is the world's biggest wood pellet producer, with a $21B revenue backlog. It works on long-term contracts with major European and Asian utilities. It became a C-Corp in Q4 '21, eliminating ~$25M in IDRs, and its K-1s. This article explains the 2022 dividend coverage, and details the company's valuations, earnings, capex, profitability, and performance.

We were fortunate enough to have found Enviva (NYSE:EVA) early on in its upward trajectory from its IPO in 2015, having collected fat, increasing dividends along the way, in addition to price appreciation. Since its early days, EVA has delivered a 32% annualized return. It has taken off over the last three years, outperforming the S&P 500 by 162% and the MSCI ESG Index by 160%, on a total return basis.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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