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Today's telecoms are much different from those of days past, having to move into other business offerings in order to fight the attrition associated with traditional landline service. This stock yields 8.5%, with a 54% payout ratio - a 22% improvement. Mgt's top priority is to maintain the dividend, which they've kept at $0.25 since Q1 2019. Debt and debt leverage have improved by 12% vs. 1 year ago. It looks very undervalued vs. its peers.

Formerly known as CenturyLink, a legacy telecom, Lumen Technologies (LUMN) is a good example of this. It has been transitioning into data services over the past few years, in order to battle landline attrition. Management has invested in fiber cable assets, as a part of this transition, and has entered the data center business. LUMN provides various communications services to residential, business, wholesale, and governmental customers in the US and internationally.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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