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3 Dividend Stocks That Will Pay You Forever

Posted by D4L | Tuesday, January 04, 2022 | | 0 comments »

A stress-free retirement is something most of us are hoping to achieve. To help reach that goal, it helps to have a robust investment portfolio to ensure you have a nest egg that will make you feel financially safe, but it helps to have investments that generate a steady stream of passive income to fund our daily needs. This is where dividend-paying stocks can make a difference. Investing in businesses that pay out a steady and growing dividend can not only provide you with a steady cash flow, but it can also help you combat inflation.

There are plenty of companies operating today that have what it takes to increase dividend payments yearly over decades. As long as their businesses keep growing, there's no limit to how long they can keep paying out to their shareholders, which is stress-reducing news. Let's talk more about three of these dividend stocks with strong businesses and brands that can pay you for life: Procter & Gamble (NYSE:PG) owns and manages a strong portfolio of quality consumer brands that includes Gillette, Pantene, Oral-B, and Pampers. This year, the company increased its quarterly dividend by 10% to $0.8698 per share, marking the 65th consecutive year that it has raised its dividend. Linde (NYSE:LIN) is an industrial gas and engineering company that serves a broad range of industries, such as food and beverage, electronics, healthcare, and metals and mining. For 2020, the company paid out an annual dividend of $3.85 per share. Caterpillar (NYSE:CAT) is a familiar name in the construction equipment industry, being a leading manufacturer of both construction and mining equipment, gas turbines, and diesel-electric locomotives. The company has a stellar track record of paying a quarterly dividend since 1933 and has increased its annual dividend for 28 consecutive years, putting it firmly in the Dividend Aristocrat category.

Source: Motley Fool

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