Dividends4Life: 3 Top Retirement Stocks For Reliable Dividends

3 Top Retirement Stocks For Reliable Dividends

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Investors in retirement may desire additional income. Those who don’t have a pension are likely relying on Social Security, and their retirement portfolio to cover their expenses. For retirees, investment income from retirement stocks needs to be safe and reliable. This is especially true for high-yielding stocks.

Utility companies as a group have several positives working in their favor. First, utilities often operate in highly regulated markets, which creates high barriers of entry for competitors while also providing durable and long-lasting business advantages. Utility companies are also allowed to pass along costs of their massive capital investments, to customers in the form of rate hikes. My picks for you today are: American Electric Power (NASDAQ:AEP), Consolidated Edison (NYSE:ED) and The Southern Company (NYSE:SO).

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