Dividends4Life: The 5 Best Monthly Dividend Stocks to Hide In

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Because their financials must support a monthly dividend payment, the companies in this space are stable by nature — their operations are steady, their fundamentals are positioned for the long term, and their cash flows are consistent. Such stability should be highly attractive to investors amid recent market instability. At the same time, these stocks pay investors big yields. That’s worth a lot today. Fixed income yields are plunging to record lows, to the point where buying a bond won’t give you much real return these days.

All in all, then, now looks like the best time in years to buy monthly dividend stocks. With that in mind, the best monthly dividend stocks to buy now include: Reality Income (NYSE:O), LTC Properties (NYSE:LTC), Global Water Resources (NASDAQ:GWRS), Shaw (NYSE:SJR) and STAG Properties (NYSE:STAG).

Source: Income Investor

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