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2 Top Picks On Sale During Uncertain Times

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You shouldn’t be running from the market. Bags of coins don’t make a comfortable pillow. They don’t emit dividends. They will not expand like the coronavirus. They will sit there like a Ford (F) trying to go uphill. Investors should be looking to invest more defensively. At The REIT Forum, we’ve been urging investors to focus more on preferred shares and lower-risk REITs. We’d like to cover some investments in the REIT space which include an equity REIT, a preferred share, and a mortgage REIT. Let’s start with the equity REIT!

Americold Realty Trust (COLD) looks great. We did the fundamental research during their last big dive. Then shares rallied hard and we tossed it all on the back burner. Now, they are on sale. They carry a risk rating of 1.5 and land in our strong buy range. If you’re looking to build a position in the preferred shares from AGNC Investment Corp. (AGNC), this is a great time to start shopping. AGNC Investment Corp. 6.5% DPRP PFD E (AGNCO) is on a very nice sale.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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