Dividends4Life: Two 6% High Yielders Beating The Market In 2019 And Over The Past Quarter - No K-1s

Looking for outperforming dividend stocks? It's interesting to see who has been winning the game lately, and it looks like healthcare stocks have caught a bid - this sector is up 6.8% over the past month, after lagging the market earlier in the year. The yields are 6.36% and 5.99%. Both firms have outperformed the market and their benchmarks in 2019, and during all of the recent market pullbacks over the past year plus. These are not energy stocks - there's no K-1.

Although the utilities sector has lagged over the past month, there are certain stocks within it which have outperformed both the utility benchmark and the market. Within the real estate sector, there are healthcare REITs which have also outperformed. We found two such disparate dividend stocks, Atlantica Yield (AY), a UK-based utility with international assets, and Global Medical REIT (GMRE), a US healthcare REIT.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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