Dividends4Life: Investment Income: How to Make the U.S. Government Pay You a 7% Yield

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Each year, it seems like politicians find a new way to take our hard-earned money: income tax, sales tax, property tax, investment income tax, etc. When it comes to picking the pockets of ordinary Americans, no one does a better job than the U.S. government. So, wouldn’t it be nice to have “Uncle Sam” pay you for a change?...

Each year, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) spends roughly $66.0 billion on goods and services needed to keep the nation’s bureaucracy humming. Their biggest expense: real estate. Rather than buying buildings itself, the federal government often opts to rent from private-sector landlords. This makes Uncle Sam one of the country’s largest renters. Several publicly traded investment trusts have cashed in on this opportunity. Three of them are Office Properties Income Trust (NASDAQ:OPI), Easterly Government Properties Inc (NYSE:DEA), and Corporate Office Properties Trust (NYSE:OFC).

Source: Income Investors

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