Dividends4Life: Be A Wise Investor And Don't Play With This Stock

Are you going the right way? We’ve found preferred shares provide an excellent opportunity for investors to get a high yield with lower volatility. However, that's not the case for all preferred shares. We cover preferred shares frequently and today’s risky preferred shares come from our most recent subscribers preferred share article: Preferred Shares Week 180.

We want to take a moment to talk about the CBL Properties (CBL) preferred shares: CBL-D (CBL.PD) and CBL-E (CBL.PE). We invested in the CBL preferred shares over a year ago and threw in the towel with a loss after several months. Even though we only had about 1% allocated there, it wasn’t a reasonable fit for our investment style. Common and preferred shares of CBL should be seen strictly as speculating securities and we wouldn’t want to play with either.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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