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This 12.6% Yield is No Joke

Posted by D4L | Wednesday, November 21, 2018 | | 0 comments »

In a volatile market, dividends can provide a peace of mind. It doesn’t matter what the stock prices are doing, shareholders of solid dividend-paying companies can always expect their dividend checks to arrive in the mail. In a market downturn where every stock seems to be dropping to the floor, what more could you want? This High-Yield Stock Deserves Investors’ Attention...

That’s why in this article, the spotlight is on Consolidated Communications Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:CNSL). Compared to popular dividend stocks like The Coca-Cola Co (NYSE:KO) and Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ), Consolidated Communications has a much smaller following in the investment community. However, investors who purchase CNSL stock today would be collecting a cash yield much higher than what’s offered at those well-known dividend giants.

Source: Income Investors

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