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This Lender Pays Out a 9.2% Yield

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Higher yields come with higher risk. Your typical payday loan customer stands in a difficult financial situation, so you have a high chance of default. But if you manage the risks property, it’s a profitable business. You can find the same thing in the business world. From time to time, struggling companies can find themselves in dire financial straights. While most banks and investors won’t touch these businesses, a growing list of alternative lenders have stepped in to fill this gap—for a high fee, of course.

One such lender is TPG Specialty Lending Inc (NYSE:TSLX). The Texas-based business development company doesn’t have a wide following, but for those looking for a new income stream, it might be worth a second look. TPG has carved out a lucrative niche in the financial industry. The company specializes in complex loans, with its typical client usually suffering from declining sales, high debt loads, or some kind of other financial trouble.

Source: Income Investors

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