Dividends4Life: Income Investors: Earn a 10% Dividend Yield From This Stock

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Investing in the current market may be difficult because all the major indices are trading at or near all-time highs. To make things even more difficult, the current low-interest-rate environment makes alternative investments such bonds and certificates of deposit unappealing. So with that in mind, what options are there for an income investor? During this difficult time, consider investing in a high-dividend-yielding stock with a cheap valuation. These preserve capital, with no need to chase a high-priced stock. Not to mention the higher income received compared to other investment opportunities.

One source of both value and a high dividend yield is Apollo Investment Corp. (NASDAQ:AINV) stock. The company invests in various forms of debt instruments, such as secured and unsecured debt, loan investments, credit-linked notes, collateralized loan obligations, and services in the private equity markets. There are public investments held as well, which trade on the major exchanges: these include common shares, preferred stocks, warrants, and options. All investments generate an income and have the potential for capital appreciation over time. A related benefit of owning AINV stock is that it offers diversification since there are so many different assets in both the public and private markets.

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