Dividends4Life: Monthly Dividends: Earn a 10.7% Yield Starting June 9

Today’s chart highlights some of the best monthly dividend stocks around: mortgage real estate investment trusts (mortgage REITs). Mortgage REITs work like a virtual bank. They borrow money at a low rate and lend it out at a higher one. And because they have little in the way of overhead, some of these names pay out yields from 10% to 12%, up to as high as even 15%. One of my favorites...

AGNC Investment Corp (NASDAQ:AGNC). This monthly dividend stock doesn’t get a lot of coverage in the press. But what it lacks in excitement, this firm more than makes up for in oversized income. I love the name for a couple of reasons. It’s a lucrative business, for starters. AGNC works in the same way as a regular bank, but it doesn’t have to maintain any brick-and-mortar branches. This lack of overhead means that a lot more of the partnership’s profits flow to the bottom line. Since the firm has structured itself as a REIT, it technicality allows management to avoid paying any income taxes on profits. To take advantage of this loophole, however, executives must pay out most of their earnings to owners.

Source: Income Investors

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