Dividends4Life: These 3 Dividend Stocks Are the Place To Be Today

These 3 Dividend Stocks Are the Place To Be Today

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Comparing the annualized total return performance of the Dow Jones Select Dividend Index versus the S&P 500 Index on a one, five, and 10-year basis, the DJ Select Dividend returns 55% more over the longer term. Even more impressive is the annualized performance of dividend-paying stocks when stacked up against U.S. Treasuries. Using the iShares 7-10 year U.S. Treasury ETF (IEF) as the proxy, dividend stocks beat bonds by 19%. So is the dividend run over? Not by a long shot. Here are three dividend stocks worth looking at...

CA, Inc. (CA) – Formerly Computer Associates, CA is the “forgotten” big tech stock. Focusing on enterprise computing solutions, the company develops application solutions for customers across multiple platforms including cloud, mainframe, and mobile. Pfizer Inc (PFE) – Despite fears of slowing in the big pharma space due to Obamacare-induced regulatory pressure and post-election blowback, one of the world’s largest drug manufacturers continues to reinvent itself thanks to cutting edge research and product breakthroughs in immunotherapy-focused biotechnology. Entergy Corporation (ETR) – Lighting up Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, and Arkansas, this big regulated power producer is one of the few bargains I’ve found in what many consider a tired, overextended sector.

Source: InvestorPlace

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