Dividends4Life: Alternative Monthly Income Strategies Yield Over 14% Annualized On Tech Giants

In our recent three-part series, "Building A Monthly High Dividend Stock Portfolio Calendar," we utilized a variety of investment vehicles to assemble a relatively smooth income calendar, ranging from monthly and quarterly dividend-paying stocks, closed-end funds, preferred stocks, and baby bonds. It's a $300K portfolio, with 30 positions, each representing 3.33% of the total, for simplicity of illustration. This article details eight actionable trades with yields of up to over 30% annualized. It examines two alternative ways to augment your monthly dividend income, with flexible timing to suit your income calendar needs. Two giant tech firms are analyzed for growth, valuations, analyst revisions and income opportunities.

Even with this variety of investment vehicles, we were missing a very useful tool - options selling. This article will detail eight different option-selling trades for New Tech giant Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) and Old Tech giant Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT). Why use these two stocks? Because deriving high-yield income (or even any income) from tech stocks has always been a challenge for income investors. In fact, tech stocks have the second lowest overall sector yield.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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