Dividends4Life: Stocks That Promise Both Capital And Dividend Growth

Though most of the companies are treading with caution these days due to unpredictable market conditions, a few names have always put investors’ interest first and have been adding immense value to their worth. These investor-centric companies recently announced an increase in their dividends much to the joy of their investors. In the retail sector, if there is one stock that is growing steadily in spite of strong competitors and cautious investment from shareholders, it is Best Buy (BBY). Next on the list of promising companies that raised their dividends recently is the gaming retailer, GameStop (GME). One of the strong points about the company apart from the fact that it raised its dividends recently is that it has immense capacity to increase its cash flow in the future.

Stocks with consistent increases in dividends are the ones that you need to choose if you are looking to invest for income purposes. With their stability of performance and sole aim of adding value to investors’ worth, these stocks are well respected by shareholders. The best part about these stocks is that they have immense growth prospects for the future and hence are expected to grow at a reasonable rate, thereby returning a handsome amount of money to investors. Retail and gaming sectors are two of the high-growth sectors of today and these stocks are some of the most promising ones among the many stocks available in the market, purely from the investors’ point of view.

Source: Guru Focus

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