Dividends4Life: Your Best Dividend Stock to Buy Is...

Your Best Dividend Stock to Buy Is...

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When looking for the best dividend stocks to buy, investors tend to focus on stocks with mammoth yields or companies with lots of sex appeal. The best dividend stock is one that goes up over time in addition to protecting your capital and providing a fair yield, and a company that will consistently raise its distributions over time. That description fits GE stock to a T.

Some investors can’t get past the pain of a recession-era dividend cut from General Electric, and the fact that even now, GE stock is paying less in quarterly dividends than it was in 2008 before the financial crisis. But here are a few big reasons you should consider an investment in General Electric stock right now: Strong GE Earnings, GE Is Restructuring to Cut Costs, Long-Term Energy Opportunity, Attractive Valuation, Real Assets and Dividend Potential.

Source: InvestorPlace

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