Dividends4Life: The Best Stocks With a Dividend Yield of At Least 4%

Volatility is the basic character of a stock market. A good stock is that which satisfies its investors irrespective of the nature of the market. Consistent payment of dividends is one of the key factors to ascertain if a particular stock is investor-friendly or not. Currently, lots of external factors like low GDP growth of the economy, high inflation rates, currency rate fluctuations etc. have resulted in many companies bringing down their payouts to a great extent. Amidst all this, there are still a few companies that have paying out consistently high rate of dividends to their investors and adding more and more value to their worth. All the companies discussed below have a high dividend yield of 4.1%.

One of the best stocks among those that have a dividend yield of more than 4% is Health Care Real Estate Investment Trust (HCN). Being a REIT, it is bound to pay out 90% of its earnings as dividends as per laws. While talking about stocks that have a dividend yield of more than 4%, Arcos Dorados (ARCO) comes second in the list. This is the biggest franchisee of the fast food giant, McDonald’s (MCD). These two stocks have been pleasing investors in the form of high dividend payouts. At present they are wading through rough waters because of unfavourable economic conditions. The situation is above to change this year as these stocks will start looking up at the backdrop of improved economy and more scope for growth and expansion.

Source: Guru Focus

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