Dividends4Life: My Dividend Stocks Aren't For Sale

My Dividend Stocks Aren't For Sale

Posted by D4L | Sunday, November 16, 2014 | 0 comments »

With the markets moving up and down, a lot of people are nervous about something or another. You pick the topic: low rates, higher rates, politics, growth, slow-downs, revenues, lack of inflation, you get the idea. There's always a reason to speculate, or at the very least the media needs something to talk about each day. The fear, or hope, or whatever it happens to be, is all related to price movements. This sentiment doesn't resonate with me for one simple reason: I don't have any interest in selling. More specifically, my dividend stocks aren't for sale.

That's why I think it's ludicrous to get caught up in the everyday market movements. A 1% adjustment, 2% move or 5% "plunge," what do I care? I don't have a curiosity in selling you my equity stakes for 40% less or 70% more, so I simply don't care about the nervous bids that others may or may not be willing to offer. There's only a finite amount of business pieces out there and I have no interest in giving up mine.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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