Dividends4Life: Correction-wary? Consider These Dividend Stocks

Correction-wary? Consider These Dividend Stocks

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Dividends can help alleviate some anxiety when the market (S&P 500) is pulling back, such as it has done in September and the start of October. The market is still in an uptrend, but if you're feeling uncertain about the future, consider dividend-paying stocks. These four companies are offering very attractive dividend yields, and also have strong support levels that could push the stock price higher or be used as exit points if sell-offs develop, which you don't want to hold through.

Soufun Holdings Ltd. (SFUN) is not your typical dividend stock — it's volatile. Vodafone Group plc (VOD) has a similar price structure to SFUN, but is less volatile. SLM Corp. (SLM) has been moving within a range between $9.76 and $7.46 since mid-May of 2013. AT&T, Inc. (T) offers a 5.21% dividend yield and has been respecting support near $34 since April. Dividends won't protect you from downside moves. These stocks can still drop exposing you to losses. What dividends can do is provide a stream of income to help offset some of those price declines. Like any trade, buying a dividend stock should be planned.

Source: Investopedia

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