Dividends4Life: Lagging Dependable Dividend Stocks

Lagging Dependable Dividend Stocks

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The equity markets have been a bit schizophrenic so far in 2014, with a big selloff in January followed by a huge gain in late February. That schizophrenic kickoff to the year also has caused turmoil in many otherwise stalwart, dependable dividend stocks. In fact, some of the biggest, most-reliable companies that have paid dividends for decades have failed to hold their weight under the strain of the volatile 2014 trade.

To find out which of the dividend stocks has disappointed most this year, I did a quick sort through our outstanding InvestorPlace Dependable Dividends page to see which stocks were among the worst year-to-date under-performance relative to the rest of the stocks on this list of standouts. Here are five lagging dependable dividend stocks not holding their weight: Chevron (CVX), AT&T (T), Franklin Resources (BEN), Cincinnati Financial (CINF) and Chubb Corporation (CB).

Source: InvestorPlace

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