Dividends4Life: Claim Your Share Of The $1.9 Trillon 'Dividend Vault'

Right now corporate America has a huge problem on its hands. I'm not talking about another banking crisis, real estate crash, or hedge fund manager running a Ponzi scheme... And I'm not talking about any sort of ominous regulations being handed down by the U.S. government, either. I'm not even talking about the growing levels of debt being accumulated by Uncle Sam each and every day -- not to mention the lack of progress from our leaders in Washington in finding a solution to fix it. Actually, the "problem" I'm about to tell you about is really a once-in-a-lifetime investing opportunity. The problem? Corporate America has spent the last few years hoarding money like it was going out of style, effectively creating what I call a "Dividend Vault."

And now this "Dividend Vault" is so large, many companies simply can't decide what to do with all that cash. The only solution: start paying that money out to shareholders as dividends. A select few companies are already seeing the writing on the wall. They're tapping into the "Dividend Vault" and using it to increase their dividend payouts, rewarding smart shareholders who knew about the "Dividend Vault" early on. These investors appreciated the fact that these companies were saving for a rainy day. And now, they're being rewarded... Of course, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and other elite investors caught onto this idea years ago. They've been collecting "Dividend Vault" checks for the past several years.

Source: Investopedia

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