Dividends4Life: Dividend Stocks With Strong Net Profit Margins To Push Them Toward Higher Ground

In an upward trending market when you're doing the exact same thing as everyone else, in my opinion, this makes it a lot more difficult to attain alpha returns. In that it's harder to identify great opportunities before the rest of the market does when you're doing the exact same thing as everyone else. So what should you do instead? Simple, try to uncover profitable stocks that still have room to go higher in less conventional ways.

Today I identified 4 interesting dividend stock picks worth reviewing for 2014 by screening in this less than conventional manner. I did this by screening for dividend stocks that have a P/S ratio (X<2), strong profitability (Net Margins>10%), and who don't have readily apparent liquidity issues (Current Ratio>1): Schweitzer-Mauduit International Inc. (SWM), Empire District Electric Co. (EDE), Rentech Nitrogen Partners, LP (RNF) and Strayer Education Inc. (STRA). I hope this dividend stock list helps as investors do their own independent due diligence on dividend stocks to potentially buy in 2014.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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