Dividends4Life: Are VYM And SDY Good Dividend Growth Investments?

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As it happens, in 2012 I wrote a series of articles on dividend ETFs, and in one of those articles, I reported on SDY and VYM. At the time, I concluded that neither was as good a dividend growth portfolio as what I and many other investors create for ourselves from individual stocks. Given the recent repeated mentions of those two ETFs, I decided to revisit them and see what the facts are.

I will state up front that whether you think one investment is "better" than another comes down to your goals. Critics of dividend growth investing tend to overlook this, deny it, or ridicule it. The contrast in goals in these discussions has become stark: In one corner is a goal like mine, which is to build, over time, an income stream that is "enough" and grows faster than inflation. The end game is to be able to live off that income stream (along with other sources of income) in retirement.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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