Dividends4Life: Great Dividend Growth Stocks From United Kingdom

Great Dividend Growth Stocks From United Kingdom

Posted by D4L | Saturday, February 01, 2014 | | 1 comments »

UK does not withhold tax on dividends for non-resident investors. This means that stocks from UK are almost similar to an American company when it comes to taxation on dividends (there are subtle differences in REITs and qualified dividends). Unlike stocks from most other countries, a British company stock is well suited for retirement accounts due to this 0% tax withholding rate. However, remember to consult your tax advisor on all tax-related matters since each individual case is different and I am not qualified to give tax advice.

I am not sure whether US will continue to be an economic superpower in the coming five decades in the face of mounting federal debt and increasing trade imbalance. The US market is at an all-time high and it is hard to find bargains in the dividend bucket. I am slowly selling some of holdings at multi-year highs and investing sale proceeds along with any new savings into foreign dividend paying companies. I am looking forward to investing in Admiral, BAE Systems and BSkyB. I think these companies offer great potential for dividend growth for the coming few years. I look forward to discussing these and other stocks from the UK in my future articles.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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    Your opinion is quite okay, but it depends on investors that from who they want to go. If you want to earn profit from dividends, then you must have a deep analysis of dividend data.

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