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Dependable Stocks For Yield And Growth In 2014

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2013 began with the federal government getting by the fiscal cliff and finished with legislation that funded the federal government for the balance of the fiscal year. But raising the federal debt ceiling remains a nagging problem. This is the fiscal background for the worst economic recovery since the depression. The best quarters of growth since 2009 have struggled to exceed a 3% annual rate. The Federal Reserve in December predicted GDP growth in 2013 will be 2.2-2.3% and 2.8-3.2% next year. Janet Yellen last week said she hopes 2014 growth will be 3%. Even though the unemployment rate dropped below 7%, many new jobs are temporary with low pay while other laid off workers have given up looking for work.

High yielding stocks with records of consistently raising dividends are more important for increasing portfolio values than in the past. Capital gains since 2000 have been unsatisfactory for many companies. Growing dividends are important for most investors whose main financial objective is to have a portfolio fund a long period of retirement and provide additional insurance in later years when expenses can climb sharply. These stocks offer high yields and rising income at a time when some pundits are calling for stocks to extend their winning streak to 6 years. I recommend high yielding securities delivering rising income whether stocks go up or down. As a bonus, rising dividends will bring higher stock prices over time.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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