Dividends4Life: Nice Dividend Paying Stocks Offering Some Safety For An Unsure 2014

The stock market has been surging, and the bulls have been feasting while the bears appear to have been kept in check. Despite this optimism, many investors are starting to wonder if 2014 will eventually lead to some profit taking that will be hard to resist. The following five stocks are worth taking a look at to help diversify any portfolio, including healthy dividends to ensure that money can be made even if the market starts to move sideways. Metals, energy, and real estate can all become investor safe havens when the bears start to roar.

Here are some examples of safer plays one might want to consider when diversifying or looking for a little less risk in a portfolio: Silvercorp Metals (SVM) - $2.49 a share / 3.90% yield; High-Crush Partners LP (HCLP) - $35.26 a share / 5.40% yield; American Capital Agency Corp (AGNC) - $20.14 a share / 13.30% yield; Chimera Investment Corp (CIM) - $3.03 a share / 11.50% yield and Seadrill Limited (SDRL) - $40.74 a share / 9.40% yield.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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