Dividends4Life: The Next Frontier For The Big Blue-Chip Dividend Stocks

If you own some of the largest blue-chip companies in the world, it can be reasonable to wonder as part of your risk management inquiries whether the "law of large numbers" will kick in and put an informal lid on the growth of your companies going forward. Over the past thirty years, the total returns of those companies have been nothing short of life-changing for investors who chose to truly become long-term owners rather than short-term renters of ticker symbols.

Now that they have crossed the threshold from big to mammoth, it's worth inquiring: What is the next frontier that will deliver gains to shareholders? With companies like those mentioned above, future growth in earnings per share metrics will come from these sources: (1) Population growth, (2) Stock Buybacks, (3) Productivity Gains and (4) Acquisitions.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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