Dividends4Life: What I've Learned From 10 Years Of Dividend Investing

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My dividend investing journey has been ongoing for more than 10 years and has had more than the occasional change of direction. From an exploration of high-yield stocks to international dividend-paying stocks and even small- to mid-cap dividend stocks, I have tried a number of ways to grow a high-quality dividend income stream.

I've learned a lot during that time and I'm sure I'll learn much more as I continue to drive my investment strategy around dividend growth and dividend income. Here are my key takeaways from my dividend journey so far: Wide Moat stocks with strong track records shouldn't be sold; Patience pays; Building a dividend income stream takes time and discipline; Reinvestment of dividends can accelerate income; International stocks add a buffer to your dividend income and Lower yielding dividend stocks can provide significant total return.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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