Dividends4Life: Is The Dividend Party Over?

Is The Dividend Party Over?

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Dividend stocks have had an amazing run recently. But are dividend stocks headed for a fall if the economy improves and the Fed reverses course? Are dividend stocks a safer bet than bonds? Why should investors look to consumer-facing dividend stocks like Home Depot (HD 0.00%)? On Monday’s Investor Beat, Motley Fool analysts Jeff Fischer and Jason Moser discuss the future of dividend stocks.

And then, turning to the market's movers and shakers: Good news for Intel (INTC 0.00%); Samsung announced that it will use Intel chips in its new galaxy tablet. Merck (MRK 0.00%) is skyrocketing after a news release about a phase one melanoma drug. Pandora (P 0.00%) find its back against the wall, as music is proving too valuable for the giants like Apple and Google to leave alone. And as Cadillac and truck sales go up, General Motors (GM 0.00%) is still lagging while waiting for Chevy's results.

Source: MSN Money

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