Dividends4Life: Now is the Time for Fortune-Building With Dividend Stocks

A lady named Grace Groner. Grace worked as a secretary at Abbott Laboratories (NYSE: ABT) for 43 years. She bought three shares of Abbott labs for $180 in 1935. When she died in 2010, these shares were worth $7 million — and generated $250,000 in income a year. I suspect not many have us have 75 years for an investment to compound — but don't let that stop you from buying dividends... Because right now is one of the best times to buy dividend stocks we've seen in the last 20 years.

The current payout ratio for the S&P 500 is 34%. That's the percentage of net profits these companies are currently paying out as dividends. The long-term average for the payout ratio is 54%. And as corporate cash levels continue to rise, there's more upside for dividend payments. There's only one conclusion to make: Dividend payments are headed higher.

Source: Wealth Daily

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