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Fastest Growing Dividend Stocks

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Stocks with highest dividend growth originally researched by Dividend Yield – Stock, Capital, Investment. When a company raises dividends, it’s always a good sign. A firm with a growing dividend let your passive income grow and could put you on the next level of your financial freedom. But more important than a dividend hike is the intensiveness of the dividend growth. A one percent hike each year is good but it won’t help you over the time. What you need is a stronger growth, something in the range around the 10 percent level.

Today I run my screen of the 50 fastest dividend growers from last month. Below the results are again some pretty good stocks with very good growth rates. All stocks still have a double digit-growth rate. The average dividend growth of the 50 best stocks amounts to 49.42 percent. The average yield is at 3.47 percent. Here are my favorite stocks with fast dividend growth: Coach (COH), Bunge (BG) and Bristow Group (BRS).

Source: Trefis

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