Dividends4Life: Communications Services Stocks With Increasing Dividends

With Treasury interest rates at historic lows, a lot of income investors are looking for higher yielding investments. This not only includes investors who in the past would only invest in "safe" U.S. debt, but also those who retired with an under-sized nest egg and need more income to live on. One of the places that income-hungry investors turn to is the higher yielding investments in the Communications Services sector.

About half the companies have very high yields, while the other half have low yields. Some are more heavily tied to the declining "land-line" industry, while others are aggressively growing their wireless business. More than any other sector, the astute investor looking for Communications Services dividend stocks has to spend significant time understanding each company. Where it is positioned? What is its strategic plan? How will it implement its plan? This week, I screened my Dividend Growth Stocks database for Communications Services companies with a yield above 2.0%. The results are presented below...

Source: Dividend Growth stocks

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