Dividends4Life: Real Estate Dividwend Stocks Making Big Moves

Real Estate Dividwend Stocks Making Big Moves

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On a bad day for the market, the Nasdaq is down 0.2%, the S&P 500 has slipped 0.4% and the Dow has decreased 0.6%. The Real Estate Operations sector (IYR) is down 0.1%, outperforming the market overall. HCP (NYSE:HCP) is currently trading at $44.70 per share. When a stock price moves up or down, watching the volume is a good way of identifying how significant that shift is. Investment valuation ratios can be very useful in estimating whether a stock price is too high, reasonable or a bargain investment opportunity.

Marriott Vacations (NYSE:VAC) has moved up 1.2% and is currently trading at $31.47 per share. Volume indicates the level of interest that investors have in a company at its current price. Understanding investment valuation ratios allows an investor to assess the true value of an individual stock. The debt-equity (D/E) ratio is a measurement of how much suppliers, lenders, creditors and obligors have committed to the company versus what the shareholders have committed. The D/E ratio for VAC is 62%. The D/E ratio is not a pure measurement of a company's debt because it includes operational liabilities in total liabilities.

Source: Investopedia.com

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