Dividends4Life: 11.44% Average Portfolio Yield

11.44% Average Portfolio Yield

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The market's turbulent market has created opportunities for retirees to acquire 5 stocks that average an 11.44% annual yield. Opportunities have offered terrific yields for high income yields. One can add to their high income arsenal to increase their annual retiree income. An 11.44% yield is significantly higher than Certificate of Deposit yields and Treasury Bond yields.

I own Dynex Capital, Linn Energy, LLC, Apollo Residential Mortgage, Evolving Systems, and American Capital Agency. The average yield is 11.44% per year. The market does not wait for laggards. The market requires action. No action equals action. Bogleheads are not thinking for themselves. Bogleheads believe one can't beat the market. This is a silly way, in my opinion, of thinking about the market. I believe one should hedge against downside and achieve outperformance based upon risk versus returns.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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