Dividends4Life: You Can Challenge Buffett With These Dividend Stocks

There are many good reasons not to pick a fight with an 80-year old man -- but investors have a particularly good reason: They stand to get walloped. As you may have guessed, the octogenarian whom we are alluding to is Warren Buffett, and while market participants shouldn't follow the Oracle of Omaha blindly, they probably shouldn't tussle with him either.

Berkshire Hathaway publishes a complete list of its subsidiaries on its Web site: We thought it would be fun to cherry-pick 10 of these companies that are easily contrasted with publicly traded counterparts (sharing core businesses, and sometimes, similarities in name and geography). Let it be said that we are not recommending that you purchase these stocks, rather, this list is merely presented to expand the scope of what an investor might consider "stocks within Warren Buffett's universe." However, this list is careful to include only stocks that pay a dividend, one of the few luxuries that Berkshire Hathaway investors cannot enjoy.

Source: The Street

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