Dividends4Life: I Will Never Stop Learning

I Will Never Stop Learning

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Constantly learning will benefit you in many areas of your life. You’ll uncover new investment opportunities, such as dividend stocks that are attractive for new money. Or, you can acquire new skills that open the door to bigger promotions in the workplace. You could even pick up enough expertise that you can then venture out on your own as an entrepreneur. As you continue to learn, you can routinely tweak your strategies to accommodate changing market conditions.

There are doors that remain ajar on every corner. One of those doors could lead to amazing experiences and could bear the fruit of a lifetime. I’ve sometimes mentioned Ray Kroc, who took a small hamburger franchise named McDonald’s (MCD) and turned it into a global empire. Mr. Kroc began his foray with McDonald’s at the ripe old age of 59! Colonel Sanders did the same with Kentucky Fried Chicken. The Colonel was 65 when he got the ball rolling with his company. These men seized an opportunity and parlayed some initial success into massive fortunes — and didn’t let their ages get in their way one bit.

Source: Dividend.com

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