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Hollywood Dividend Stocks

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Whether its theme parks, movies, or TV – we all love to be entertained, and modern society rewards greatly those who entertain us. This week we’ve found 3 dividend stocks which profit handsomely from the endless demand for entertainment. These may be some of the best stocks to buy in 2012 for undervalued growth and income within the Entertainment Industry:

Compiling meaningful Industry Avgs. is complicated for these companies – although they all operate within the Cable TV industry, Disney and Viacom also are active in the film industry. Viacom and Time Warner Cable both look very undervalued on a Next Fiscal Year PEG basis, (P/E dividend by EPS Growth), while Disney is close to the 1.00 undervalued PEG threshold. TWC also looks undervalued on a cash basis – its Price/Free Cash/Share is only 3.15 vs. the 10.05 industry avg.

Source: ForexPros

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