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Top Dividend Stocks of David Tepper

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David Tepper is the founder of Appaloosa Management hedge fund. Since its inception, Tepper has been able to generate enormous returns. He has always been characterized for his clever investments. Indeed, they have made him rather unique because his strategy is based on investing in distressed companies. In a nutshell, great but underpriced businesses. That is how his company has been able to reach two-digit gains. Of course his form of investing is quite risky and he has made mistakes too.

But it is worth noting that he has always looked at troubled companies that have slumped due to market crashes. Tepper always thinks that upon their recovery, he will receive important gains. Jonathan Kolatch, a former colleague, clarifies the situation: "He takes a macro perspective on something, for instance this European sovereign crisis, which is that ‘it’s not going to be that bad. And then he takes that and applies it to a micro idea, a particular stock, as opposed to saying I’m going to do this with the currency or do this with the interest rate, which is kind of what the macro guys do. He’ll buy these particular three stocks that will reflect this macro idea."

Source: Guru Focus

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