Dividends4Life: Dividend Stocks For Conservative Investors

Dividend Stocks For Conservative Investors

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Dividend stocks can make or break an investor’s monthly income stream. Investors have to be attentive to buying the right stock at the right price. My dividend investment philosophy is to pick the best dividend stocks and ensure the price per share is appropriate. I will highlight 7 stocks with appropriate entry points. The goal is to preserve capital while building a dividend income producing portfolio.

The discussion of dividend stocks needs to be placed in context of the European sovereign debt crisis, as this issue is not going away anytime soon. The media likes to hype rumors of a new solution. There isn’t a solution that doesn’t incur financial pain. Europe is an aging region and has fewer young workers entering the employment ranks. The revenues are not meeting the expenditures. Fewer workers in Europe will only decrease tax receipts in future years. Dividend investors must focus upon business models which should thrive despite the known global problems. Many companies will continue to outperform.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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