Dividends4Life: Our Top 25 Dividend Growth Stocks are Dirt Cheap

Our Top 25 Dividend Growth Stocks are Dirt Cheap

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Anyone who had recently invested in real estate would most likely agree that the phrase "dirt cheap" carries a new and enhanced meaning today. In the same vein, we would argue that our top 25 dividend growth stocks based on the potential for five-year estimated annual total returns are dirt cheap. Consequently, we believe that most of the bad news is already priced in, and therefore, the opportunity to buy low is the best it's been since 1997.

Mainstream media, the markets, and it seems the entire world, is obsessively focused on numerous macro-oriented headwinds. This has led to extreme pessimism and fear-driven behavior on the part of investors. Moreover, this has caused some of the highest quality companies on the planet to become cheaper than they have been in decades, and more importantly, we would argue cheaper than they deserve to be. There certainly is a lot of bad news; on the other hand, there is always a lot of bad news for markets to deal with. This gives credibility to the old stock market adage: "The market climbs a wall of worry."

Source: Safe Haven

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