Dividends4Life: How to find Canadian dividend stocks

How to find Canadian dividend stocks

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You can find a lot of information on dividend stocks on the Globe Investor site by signing up for Watchlist, its new portfolio-tracking tool. It takes only a few moments and then you'll be able to see all sorts of useful data when you enter in a stock symbol, such as dividend per share, yield, dividend payout ratio, dividend growth, ex-dividend dates, rates, total return and much more.

You should start to see a pattern of stocks. This will give you specific ones to look to, to invest in if you want to purchase individually. Depending on the amount, it may make sense for her to buy a mutual fund. You can periodically purchase more shares as you want. There are the varying MER costs that you want to be aware of as well. This information is also available on the Globe Investor site.

Source: Globe and Mail

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