Dividends4Life: Tweedy Browne Keeps Buying Dividend Stocks

Tweedy Browne Keeps Buying Dividend Stocks

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Tweedy, Browne is an investment partnership owned by its four managing directors, William H. Browne, John D. Spears, Thomas H. Shrager, and Robert Q. Wyckoff, Jr. The operations of Tweedy, Browne are managed by its management committee consisting of Christopher H. Browne, William H. Browne and John D. Spears. This investment partnership has been recognized by Warren Buffett as Graham-Doddsville Superinvestors.

Browne has more than $655.9 million in portfolios combined with or similar to client portfolios, including approximately $96.8 million in the Global Value Fund and $55.7 million in the Value Fund, $4.8 million in the Worldwide High Dividend Yield Value Fund and $3.1 million in the Global Value Fund II. All of the funds are managed in accordance to the principles of value investing as popularized by Benjamin Graham. Their research seeks to appraise the worth of a company, what Graham called "intrinsic value," by determining its acquisition value, or by estimating the collateral value of its assets and/or cash flow. Investments are made at a significant discount to intrinsic value, normally 40% to 50%, which Graham called an investor's "margin of safety."

Source: Guru Focus

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