Dividends4Life: Hedge Funds Love These Dividend Growth Stocks

During the recent economic crisis, the central banks around the world chose to lower interest rates and inject money into the financial system. This created the potential for an inflationary nightmare -- a situation where a larger amount of money chases the same number of goods, creating price increases that erode the value of money. The worst-case scenario? If inflation starts accelerating, investors could be faced with a situation where guaranteed investments, like savings accounts or government bonds, will offer interest rates that are lower than the rate of inflation.

That's why we wanted to find companies with a long track record of boosting dividend payments. In addition, all of these companies have significant current assets to current liabilities -- meaning that they are liquid enough to cover their ongoing expenses (which increases the stability of the dividend). To further refine the quality of the list, we collected data on institutional money flows, and identified dividend growth stocks that have seen significant institutional buying during the current quarter.

Source: Motley Fool

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